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Beach Cleanups

Pounds of Trash Removed


Beach Cleanups to Date

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The Space Coast Chapter cleans our beaches monthly at different locations and quarterly for the A1A Highway and Beach Cleanup. Please go to for details.

At the clean-ups, straws, plastic bottles, polystyrene foam takeout containers, cups and other debris are collected weighed and recorded. We are working hard to increase awareness to reduce plastic pollution.  Tons of plastic waste enters our oceans every year impacting our marine ecosystems and wildlife.  Plastic fragments are displacing plankton as the base of the food chain.  Plastic contains toxic chemicals that are transferred from containers, cups, straws, cutlery into the food we eat.  

The Space Coast Chapter and the Beach Bucket Foundation are collaborating to keep our beaches clean. Clean up a beach near you with a beach bucket from Beach Bucket Foundation. Sponsored by local businesses and organizations, look for the buckets at Shephard and Fisher Park in Cocoa Beach. Grab a bucket and do your part. Take your kids and make it a scavenger hunt expedition. Indialantic will soon be on board with Beach Bucket stations. Please return the bucket so others may do their part and eliminate the need to replace the bucket.