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A Special Night for Volunteers!


Our volunteers gathered at the Italian American Club for South Brevard for a time to celebrate what we accomplished in 2022.  As Natty, from the band "Natty Common Roots" strummed his acoustic guitar, we enjoyed getting to know each other over a delicious Italian meal.  There was even a vegan option of stuffed shells. It was a time to relax and not "work".  


Our special guests were Zach Featherstone from BeachFly Brewing Company and Pete and Lynn Anderson from Pareidola Brewing Company.  Their support of hosting events for our chapter aided our Blue Water Task Force (BWTF) program to move from using plastic equipment for testing to using glass, saving our chapter money while keeping with our mission of reducing single use plastics.

Our Coastal Defenders this year were:  Michele Cielukowski and John Hearin.  The Coastal Defender of the year awards individuals who have contributed significantly to our mission of 'clean water and healthy beaches'.  Thank you, Michele and John, for your dedication.


Our Chair Award went to Chris Smith, our Treasurer for not only keeping our budget current, but also for being there at chapter meetings, events, beach cleanups...Chris is a surfer from Jacksonville, surfing coach for Special Olympics, husband, father and conservationist.  He has been a long time Surfrider supporter, active in his community and really cares about our ocean and beaches. 


Awards given by Chapter Chair, Kris Baker