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Surfrider SpaceCoast Verdi School 2024

The Verdi Eco School in Melbourne invited The Surfrider Space Coast Chapter to speak to their students, K-12, about the Blue Water Task Force (BWTF) program on the Lagoon, at their first Sustainability Summit. The students were very interested in learning about citizen science and were excited to collect water samples!

Surfrider SpaceCoast Verdi School 2024_2

The Surfrider Space Coast Chapter provided 6 extra sampling supplies for Ballard Park for the students to collect & read results, and a field trip to Ballard Park was planned! The school divided children into 6 groups with mixed ages, and collected at 6 different locations at Ballard Park. They filled out BWTF forms for time, temperatures, and weather.

Surfrider SpaceCoast Verdi School 2024_5

The next day, Kris Baker (Space Coast Chapter Chair) brought back the samples in trays to the school for the students to take a reading with blue light. The students were eager to see results. It was interesting for the students to see the results - depending on where samples were taken at the park, some results were in the RED, some in Yellow, and some in Green. They learned how to fill out the BWTF form with their results. The students had a wonderful experience learning about Brevard County's Lagoon water & BWTF.

Surfrider SpaceCoast Verdi School 2024_4

Learn more about our BWTF program, and find Brevard County testing results bi-weekly here.