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Ditch The Straw Challenge

Take the Challenge and join the Space Coast movement to go strawless!  Together, we can reduce the number of plastic straws deposited into our ocean and waterways.  Let's reduce single use plastics one straw at a time.

Who will take the challenge?  Click on the Ditch the Strawlink to complete our survey.

Customers Take the Challenge:

  • Refuse the straw that is given to you by your server.
  • Bring your own reusable straw for those drinks that need a stir.
  • Encourage family and friends to take the challenge. 

We need to start thinking differently and protect our environment from unnecessary waste.  DITCH THAT STRAW!

Restaurants Take the Challenge:

  • Implement a straw policy to only give straws upon request.
  • Offer paper straws to customers who request or need a straw.
  • Inform customers that you are taking the challenge of ditching the straw for our future generations to enjoy a clean and safe environment.
  • Encourage other fellow restaurants to join the challenge.  

The question is:  Do we really need a straw?  What did we do before straws were made?  Let's think differently and help our environment by taking this challenge.

Our Ocean Friendly Restaurant, The Tiny Turtle in Cocoa Beach has been doing this for several years.  The owner, Kelly Lieneke took the challenge of being an ocean friendly restaurant to reduce single use plastics in our ocean.  Thank you Kelly for taking the challenge!