June 15, 2022, Meeting Minutes

Location – Nikki’s Rainbow Restaurant

6:30  – Call to order/Intros – Kris Baker/ Vice Chairperson.  20 attendees

6:35  Past Events Recap

  • Melbourne Municipal Golf Course Native Planting Fri.4/22/22 Great turnout.  Many employees from NovoNordisk participated and more workdays will be set up to continue project.
  • Hands Across the Sands/beach clean-up 5/21/22 – Kris Baker
    • We had about 30 people attend the protest for clean water and no fracking. In the morning, there was a beach cleanup, and the beach was pretty clean.
    • Drone and photos were taken by chapter member, Joel Cohen, who edited and did a wonderful job.
    • The people that came to support this cause were all very passionate.
    • It was advertised on FIT radio station that day. Competed with Offshore racing, Titusville airshow, and High school graduations that day!
    • Thanks to member Joel Cohen for drone video and pictures.
  • 6/7 Don Q rum with Don Q rum- Event was cancelled due to COVID and will be rescheduled.
  • 6/10 World Oceans Day Wednesday-Meet surf & picnic at Pelican Beach – Kris Baker.  Relaxed discussion under the pavilion due to rain.

6:40  EC/Program/Campaign Reports

  • Treasurer Report – Chris Smith
  • Blue Water Task Force “BWTF” – Kris Baker.  See new business.  Presentation later in meeting. 
  • Ocean Friendly Gardens “OFG” – Bill DeLuccia.  Not available.
  • Ocean Friendly Restaurants “OFR” – Fran Buchness.
    • Contact made w/ Mugby’s on Main – downtown Melbourne.  Will speak w/ partners.
    • Beachfly Brewing is almost OFR compliant.  Finalizing a few items. Planning a ‘Clean Water’ event 7/30/22.  Various vendors, musicians.  See comments under new business.
  • Beach Bucket Foundation Update – Roger Ross.  Indialantic is good.  Had unveiling.  Looking at more sites. 
  • Ocean Reef Beach ORB Update – Randy Gray.  Had kick-off meeting w/ Rodney & Karen Smith/Kids Dig Gardening.  Looking for 10 main sponsors.  Regular committee meetings will start 2nd week of July.

6:50  Upcoming Events

  • 6/18 International Surf Day: SC SRF will be a team with Surfing for Autism, 8:00-4:00, Lori Wilson Park, no return phone call for DUB yoga
  • 6/23 The Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition is hosting a FREE “Lagoon Straight Talk” event on at FIT’s Gleason auditorium. Planning joint SRF/MRC table at event.  Shared registration information.  Brevard’s residents voted in 2016 to tax themselves at the rate of 1/2 cent and to devote those monies to activities to improve the lagoon coalition. This is a great opportunity for members to become better informed as to current activities and conditions in the lagoon.

7:05 New Business

  • New Volunteer Coordinator: Deb Richardson. Thank you, Deb!
  • New Social Media Coordinator: Katherine Kennedy, welcome and thank you!  Please send pics and event info to media@spacecoast.surfrider.org
  • Chapter Business Cards – Now available.  See Kris.
  • GOLDEN VOLUNTEER PLATFORM – Will begin training members
  • HUBSPOT (replacement for Mailchimp).  No date set. Training for Hubspot training will be in June.
    • Open period for submissions: May 15th to July 15th
    • Each chapter may ask their members and volunteers (over the age of 18) to create designs that could become the Florida Surfrider plate. Paid Surfrider staff and any chapter members involved in contest judging are excluded. 
    • Each chapter appoints a Point of Contact to organize incoming submissions and the chapter Executive Committee will select 2 designs to submit to our License Plate Committee (@Benjamin Taminger is our License Plate Committee chair).
    • After the July 15th deadline, the License Plate Committee will then select a winner who receives a Surfrider Foundation swag bag, whose design will be reviewed by SF National, and entered into the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Specialty License Plate program.
    • Joanie Regan to receive and collect submissions as they come in.

Volunteer appreciation dinner: date 1/19/23 @ Italian American Club, Melbourne.  This will replace the Jan chapter meeting

BeachFly Brewing Company, Ocean Festival during shark week. They want to make a special beer for it, and we thought we could bring together Surfrider Foundation, Sea Turtle Preservation Society, and other ocean related organizations.  Date set for 7/30/22.  We will have to order shirts/hats before that event.

Guest visitor – Bob Green.  Musician.  He has offered to play at our events to help support chapter.  See BobGreenMusic.com for music samples.

Blue Water Task Force ‘BWTF’  

We received a grant of $1500 from National BWTF. Now we will be able to start testing new sites! We will be adding Oars & Paddle Park Banana River, Samson Island Banana River, Kiwanis Park, Paradise Beach. 

New volunteers- Michelle Cielukowski, Christiana and Leonard Succar, Lew Storum

For the public’s advisement of water quality, “BWTF Testing site” signs are being considered for installation at various testing sites.  The signs will contain QR codes with link to current test results.

Fertilizer Ordinance – We’ll begin posting information about fertilizer’s effect on water quality and algae blooms.  Begin reaching out to local municipalities about voluntary ban as a first step to permanent bans.

Plastic Reduction Campaign – Considering new campaign to reduce single-use plastics.

Low Impact Development – Agreed to sign on to a letter of support for LID to be sent to the City of Melbourne regarding new ‘Margaritaville’ development being planned on Rt1 on the lagoon.

North Atlantic Right Whale – MRC program.  Interested in having an event with us.  We suggested participating in next event, possibly the Beachfly event.

Presentation: BWTF – Vicechair Kris Baker

          Summary of testing process and example of UV light exposure to samples indicating bacteria presence.

8:00  General Meeting Adjourn