SRF Meeting Minutes 5/18/22

Location – Tiny Turtle Restaurant, Cocoa Beach

6:30  – Call to order/Intros – Kris Baker/ Vice Chairperson called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.

6:35  Past Events Recap

  • Melbourne Municipal Golf Course Native Planting Fri.4/22/22 10:00 – Bill DeLuccia.  No report.  Bill will report at the next meeting.
  • 2nd Light Beach Clean-up Sat. 4/30/22.  Joanie Regan mentioned there was not much trash.  She suggested north of 2nd light may require a clean-up. 

6:40  EC/Program/Campaign Reports

  • Treasurer Report – Chris Smith.  Kris Baker gave the report of several minor expenses to include the current beach cleanup; mail chimp monthly costs; and ORB musician cashed check.  Deposits were from Sea Life bag purchases.
  • Blue Water Task Force “BWTF” – Kris Baker reported Cocoa Beach pier, Goat Creek, Ballard Park indicated high bacteria.  Sebastian Inlet continues to have low bacteria readings.   Pineda Boat Ramp off RT.1 will replace 2nd light site.  2nd light had consistently low bacteria readings.  Kris thanked the volunteers for their efforts especially those that travel a fair distance to test a site.  Kris is working with MRC and DEP.  In June, they will collect for DEP.  Surfrider Corporate is creating annual reporting which will show results nationwide. 
    • Cocoa Beach Pier is a concern.  John Hearin is going to research why the pier continues to have negative water quality results.   The Department of Health takes water samples and different results are showing compared to our chapter’s results for that area. 
    • Fundraising is needed for additional testing sites.   September 17 is International Coastal Cleanup Day, and it was suggested to have a fundraiser perhaps at Beachfly Brewery.  Fran Buchness will reach out to Beachfly on dates available.
  • Ocean Friendly Gardens “OFG” – Bill DeLuccia-no report
  • Ocean Friendly Restaurants “OFR” – Fran Buchness. Kelly Lieneke, owner of the Tiny Turtle Restaurant presented biomaterial straw from AirCarbon Straws.  Fran will forward the information to corporate.
  • Beach Bucket Foundation Update – Roger Ross, Joanie Regan.  Roger mentioned that Indialantic will be having an event on May 28 for the Beach Bucket.  The time is still being determined.  Regarding Cocoa Beach areas, Bob Day reported 20 buckets have been missing in the last two months.
  • Ocean Reef Beach ORB Update – Randy Gray is coordinating the required paperwork starting in June.  Discussion occurred regarding artwork, t-shirts, music, and committees.  John mentioned a conflict at Cocoa Beach. The Holiday Parade occurs on the same day for approximately one hour.  Some members will be participating in that parade.

6:50  Upcoming Events

  • Hands Across the Sand Event & Beach Clean-up – 5/21/22 Pelican Park, Satellite Beach at 8:30 a.m. starts the beach clean-up.  Hands Across the Sand starts at 12 noon on the beach.  Volunteers are needed to help lead people at 11:30, hand out signs and make sure waivers are scanned.  Media has been notified and a drone will take photos.  Kris suggested writing large words in the sand.
  • 6/7 Don Q rum Beach Clean-up, USBG Orlando chapter of bartenders will cleanup at Tables Beach.  Joanie is coordinating this event.  Our chapter is hosting and supplying the equipment for the clean-up.  No volunteers necessary, private event.  For hosting, our chapter receives a donation.
  • 6/8 World Oceans Day Wednesday-Meet surf & picnic at Pelican Beach 6:00-sunset.  Bring your picnic dinner, beach chair, surfboard, paddleboard, etc.
  • 6/15 Monthly Mtg Nicki’s Rainbow Restaurant.  Kris will approach Bill Deluccia to speak about native plants at the meeting.
  • 6/18 International Surf Day/DUB yoga fundraiser: Our chapter will team with Surfing for Autism, 8:00-4:00 at Lori Wilson Park.  John has signed up the team.  Volunteers need to go online at “Surfing for Autism” to sign their waiver at: the SRF waiver also needs to be signed before or at the event.  Kris has reached out to DUB Yoga and is waiting to hear back.

7:05 New Business

  • Schedule for remaining 2022—Fran will post events on the website.
  • GOLDEN VOLUNTEER PLATFORM-Kris mentioned this platform is a new way for volunteers to respond for events.  Using this platform is a great way to streamline all of our chapter activities. Once an event opportunity is made, the link can be shared on whatever platform used for easy data capture, waiver signing etc. The main landing page is at

Volunteers do not need to download any app to sign up for an event.  The link to Golden will be made available soon and volunteers simply create an account and login (their info is not shared with any third party). 


Training for Hubspot training will be in June. This will replace mailchimp.  Corporate will transition all emails to this app.


Corporate is having a Specialty License Plate contest for Florida.  All Florida SRF chapter members compete with a design.  Refer to corporate for logo branding guidelines.  One or two Executive Committee members are needed to receive and collect submissions and vote. 

  • City of Satellite Beach Requested of Volunteers:  Randy Gray mentioned that the city would like our chapter’s help with events to include cleaning up at Samson Island, making oyster beds; and participating in shorebird efforts.

7:26  General Meeting Adjourn