SRF Meeting Minutes 4/20/22

Location – Niki’s Rainbow Restaurant, Satellite Beach

6:30  – Call to order/Intros   – Alec Buchness/Interim Chairperson

6:35  Past Events Recap

  • A1A Sebastian Inlet Hwy & Beach Cleanup Sat. 3/26/22 – Scott Maki stated there was a good turnout of volunteers who collected over 250 lbs. of trash plus a piece of fence that was too large to weigh.  The volunteers collected trash one mile each way from the Sebastian Surf and Sport Shop.
  • Sonic Waves Music Festival – 4/9/22 Intracoastal Brewing Co. – Chris Smith stated although it was very windy, there was a very good turn-out at the festival.  Some new members came to volunteer at the tent.  Lots of merchandise, shirts and hats were sold.  Many expressed interested in Surfrider and requested information on joining the chapter.

6:40  EC/Program/Campaign Reports

  • Treasurer Report – Chris Smith presented current budget with expenses to mail chimp, storage payment, and Publix for the highway/beach clean-up luncheon.  Deposits made were from Sea Life bag sales and merchandise sales from the Sonic Waves Music Festival ($241.00 card sales, $475 cash sales).
  • Blue Water Task Force “BWTF” – Kris Baker was not able to attend and emailed results to include the March 2022 report from Florida DEP that was tested in February.  Kris did an online called with Surfrider Corporate BWTF, DEP, and MRC to review the evidence and how to proceed.   The results were:
    • No evidence of bacterial contamination from human (HF183) and ruminant (animals that chew cud, such as cattle, sheep, goats-BacR) waste during this sampling event.
    • All sites had evidence of bird waste (GFD), and sucralose present indicating human influence.  Ballard Park had a detect of seagulls (Gull2).  Goat Creek had evidence of low level of dog waste.  Detections of herbicides, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals differed between sites.
    • Volunteers, Bo, Kelly, Mike and Rydyr collected samples.  Seven others expressed interest in helping. 
    • Kris will follow up with Kara at MRC to start additional sites where needed.  She will research to have signs made and posted at testing sites.  Surfrider California chapter made BWTF signs
  • Ocean Friendly Gardens “OFG” – Bill DeLuccia was not able to attend.  April 22nd is the OFG planting at the Crane Creek Golf Course starting at 10:00 a.m. 
  • Ocean Friendly Restaurants “OFR” – Fran Buchness contacted 11 restaurants.  Seven restaurants are presently OFR’s.    Fran is contacting via phone and email.  Sandbar and Fish Camp were mentioned as OFR’s.  Fran will follow-up.  It was suggested to contact Corporate and present level of criteria to entice restaurants to join.
  • Beach Bucket Foundation Update – Roger Ross, Joanie Regan.  Indialantic station was installed and operational.  Another station is to be installed before the park has completed renovations.  The city of Indialantic plans to have a big opening celebration and beach clean-up around end of May-beginning in June.
  • Ocean Reef Beach ORB Update – Randy Gray is going to reach out for committee volunteers and schedule meetings soon.

6:50 Upcoming Events

  • Melbourne Municipal Golf Course Native Planting Fri.4/22/22 10:00 a.m. 
  • 2nd Light Beach Clean-up Sat. 4/30/22 – Joanie and Chris will lead event.
  • Hands Across the Sand Event & Beach Clean-up – 5/21/22 Pelican Park, Satellite Beach

7:05 New Business

  • Executive Committee to meet in May to review balance of year activities.

7:15 North Atlantic Right Whale (MRC)– Guest Speaker Julie Albert

Julie presented an excellent talk about challenges facing the North Atlantic Right Whales to include the depletion of their primary food source, zooplankton.  Many of these whales die due to entanglements in fishing gear and vessel strikes.  Julie described the impact of one calf that was struck by a 36’ foot boat, killing the calf and destroying the boat.  Julie stated that there are 336 North Atlantic Right Whales left in the north Atlantic.  In 2021, 15 calves were born and 50 are needed to be born for the species to survive.  Julie presented citizen watch is necessary and to report sightings.  These whales swim close to shore and can be spotted from beachfront condominiums, piers, and beaches.  The area between St. Augustine and Sebastian Inlet is not tracked by drones.  The number to contact and report a sighting is 888-97-whale.

8:00 Meeting Adjourn