SRF March Minutes 3/16/22

Location – The Tiny Turtle Restaurant, Cocoa Beach

6:35 -Called to Order/Introductions. Jay Whelan called the meeting to order.  There were 32 persons in attendance.  Jay introduced our Regional Manager from Surfrider, Evan Orellana.  Evan emphasized his background in marine biology and conservation and looks forward to working with our chapter.

6:40-Guest Speakers:  Mary Baldino, Kineo Wallace, Carson Zine—Vaya Space

Mary, Media Relations Manager; Kineo, Propulsion Engineer; and Carson, Fluid Systems Engineer presented how Vaya Space is an eco-friendly company using recycled plastics to fuel orbitual launch vehicles.  The presentation included a summary of their STAR-3D hybrid rocket engines.  These engines use 3D-printed recycled thermoplastics for fuel, throttled and controlled by a liquid oxidizer.  They presented how their proprietary technology is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-explosive at ambient temperatures and pressures, which contrasts with other launch rockets. The speakers described how other technology has a negative impact on our environment and our oceans.  The speakers emphasized their passion for the environment and recognize Surfrider Foundation’s mission.   For more detailed information, please visit their website at

  7:00-Past Event Recap

  • Treasurer-Chris Smith stated there were a few expenses including the purchase of monthly rate for mail chimp (email communication tool) and supplies.  Deposits included two checks from the Ocean Reef Beach festival and Sea Life bags.
  • BWTF-Kris Baker was introduced by Ryan Dadds stating that Kris is officially the BWTF project coordinator for our chapter.  Kris presented the meeting with Kara from Marine Resource Council (MRC) regarding locations, BWTF process and data recording.  The equipment is now set up in her garage and has received three samples so far.  Results are posted on Facebook.
  • Ocean Friendly Gardens-Bill Deluccia reminded the group of an upcoming planting event on Friday, April 22nd at 10:00 a.m., Crane Creek Golf Course, Melbourne.  Partnering with the City of Melbourne, native plants will be planted in areas where there is runoff.  This should help reduce algae blooms. 
  • Beach Bucket Foundation-Roger Ross and Andy Abbott.  Andy stated no updated.  Indialantic is coming on board soon.
  • Ocean Friendly Restaurants-Fran Buchness.  Reaching out to restaurants.  Island Fish Grill met the criteria and renewed.  Evan, Regional Manager mentioned if recycling is too costly or unavailable, a restaurant can qualify for OFR.  Fran asked for volunteers to help with OFR.
  • DC Hill Day week March 7-11-Kris Baker virtually attended the reception on March 8th and focus was what we what from DC leadership.  One is clean water requesting the Biden administration and Congress to protect our beach water quality through sufficient funding and enforcement of water quality regulations and programs.  Plastic-free beaches.  Our leaders to pass legislation to help stop the flow of plastic in our ocean, via Break free from plastic pollution Act.  Real climate action and accountability of our leaders to address climate crisis, enhance coastal resilience, and empower carbon-storing ability of our ocean via Ocean based climate solution Act.

7:15 Upcoming Events

  • A1A Highway and Beach Cleanup—March 26, 8:30-11:30, The Sebastian Inlet Sport and Surf Shop.  Jay reminded members of the cleanup and lunch is provided for the volunteers.  Contact the volunteer coordinator to help clean the highway and beach.  Scott Maki to bring the equipment and Chris Smith to purchase luncheon items.
  • Melbourne Crane Creek Golf Course Native Planting, Friday April 22 at 10:00.  Bill Deluccia mentioned to bring gloves and spades for planning 3-gallon native plants.  Meet in the parking lot.
  • Trash Bash North Thousand Islands, Saturday, April 9 at 8:30 a.m.  Bob Day presented this event sponsored by Keep Brevard Beautiful.  If anyone wants to come up and help, meet at 8:15 a.m. at the Lutheran Church, 525 Minutemen Causeway, Cocoa Beach.  Some kayaks will be available courtesy of Fin Expeditions on a first come-first serve basis.  The City of Cocoa Beach will provide boat transportation to the islands.  Individuals may bring their own canoe, paddle board, and kayaks to collect trash in the North Thousand Island.
  • Sonic Waves Music Festival, Saturday, April 9, 5:00-9:00 p.m.  WF.I.T FM 89.5 is sponsoring a music festival at Intracoastal Brewing, Melbourne.  Our chapter will have a tent and volunteers are needed for support.   Volunteers are to notify Volunteer Coordinator, Kris Baker at
  • Hands Across the Sand, Saturday, May 21 at 12 noon, Pelican Park.  Meet at the beach and hold signs supporting no offshore drilling.  There will be drone footage and media.
  • Other upcoming includes Dub Yoga Event and International Surfing Day in June.  Dub Yoga has selected our chapter for donation and a donation form must be completed.   Details in upcoming meetings.

7:30 New Business

  • Mail Chimp:  Kris Baker.  Mail chimp is getting the information to members and volunteers that 1,527 people are being reached.  The main interests are beach clean-ups, monthly meetings, and sea oat plantings and BWTF. 
  • Local Action for Single-Use Plastics on Florida’s Agenda:  Kris Baker.  Kris suggested our chapter members and volunteers take action to write or call Senator Brodeur and State Rep. Buchanan to put Single-use Plastics on Florida’s Agenda!  Previously, Florida Governor Charlie Crist signed the Energy, Climate Change and Economic Security Act of 2008 (HB 7135) Florida Statutes Section 403.7033, which required the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to perform an analysis and submit a report regarding the necessity and efficacy of statewide and local regulation of consumer plastic bags from retail establishments. In 2010, the FDEP Retail Bags Report was submitted to the Governor, Senate President, and House Speaker, but unfortunately it was not adopted.
    In the 2021 Florida Legislative Session (Senate Bill 694), the Florida DEP was ordered to update the 2010 Retail Bags, Wrappings, and Containers Report by December 31, 2021. 

8:00 General Meeting Adjourned.

            Jay thanked the attendees for their support and continued volunteer efforts.