SRF January Minutes 1/19/22

Location – The Tiny Turtle Restaurant, Cocoa Beach

6:35 –Jay Whelan (new Chair) called the meeting to order.  There were 21 persons in attendance with new members at the meeting.

6:40-Past Events Recap

  • Members Appreciation Dinner at the Italian American Club was a big success with 42 members attending.  There was music provided by Will Brandt, a one-man band.  The Italian American Club was a central location, reasonably priced and very accommodating.   It was decided to change the event from the month of December to January due to holiday conflicts. 
  • Ocean Reef Beach (ORB) Festival was successful fundraiser for the chapter as well as for Kids Dig Gardening.  The main profit was from the beer cans sales of 23 cases and only 3 cases left over.  There was a suggestion to reorganize the raffle table and record raffle ticket sales.   Randy Gray volunteered to be the Project Lead for this year’s ORB, December 3rd.  It was mentioned since large companies start reviewing their non-profit donations, that it is time to reach out for sponsorship. 

7:00 Programs

  • Treasurer Report-Chris Smith:  The balance increased due to ORB, Sea Life Love Bags, shirt/hat sales.  Expenses included ORB items (bands, sound, stage, police, shuttle, etc.), Membership Appreciation Dinner costs, and some miscellaneous administrative costs. 
  • Blue Water Task Force (BWTF)-Ryan Dabbs (not able to attend).  Jay mentioned there are 7 different sites tested and some areas, like Turkey Creek, Horse Creek, Magnolia Ave., and Ballard Park indicated high bacteria.  At the end of February, Kris Baker will be the Project Lead for BWTF.
  • Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG)—Bill Deluccia (not able to attend).
  • Ocean Friendly Restaurants (OFR)—Fran Buchness stated that Hell’N Blazes in downtown Melbourne is going to join through the website.  There is a contest to sign as many OFRs we can before April 15th.  Any OFR listed who does not resign will be removed from the map.  Fran will contact current restaurants and approach others. 
  • Beach Bucket Foundation update—Roger Ross, Joanie Regan presented that Indialantic City will be signing this month.  The stations will be constructed by Beach Bucket Foundation and a cutting ceremony is to occur.

7:15 Upcoming Events

  • A1A Highway & Beach Cleanup—January 22 8:30-11:30 with BBQ to follow.  Jay reminded members of the cleanup and Kris Baker, Volunteer Coordinator sent out an email and flyer on Facebook.
  • Sea Oat Planting—February 6– 9:00-11:30 at 1st Street, Cocoa Beach.  John Herin discussed the event stating the City of Cocoa Beach is hosting it, asking if any members want to help.  There will be high school students also helping with the planting.

7:30 New Business

  • Changes in EC/Director Roles:  Jay Whelan, Chair; Ryan Dabbs; Vice Chair; Treasurer, Chris Smith; Secretary, Fran Buchness; Volunteer Coordinator, Kris Baker; three members at large—Joanie Regan, Randy Gray and Scott Maki.  Jay and Ryan announced their moving to Hawaii and will be stepping down as of end of March.  Alec Buchness will act as interim Chair until new Chair takes place.
  • Website Improvements:  Fran updated the website (with Roger’s and Megan’s expert help) to include the chapter’s programs, contact information, and other links.  Members were asked to review it and provide feedback to Fran.  A calendar will soon be added.
  • Coastal Recreation Hill Day:  March 8-10:  Virtual Event occurring at the Capital in DC.  One Executive Committee member can participate and get involved in legislation.
  • OFG Crane Creek Reserve Golf Course Earth Day Planting:  April 22nd starting around 8:30 a.m., members are to meet at the golf course to plant native plants.  More details will be discussed and posted on social media.
  • Lagoon Cleanup Trash Bash/1000 Islands:  April 23rd at Cocoa Beach.  More details will be discussed and posted on social media.
  • Villon Surf Weekend:  February 5 and 6.  Jay will set up SRF tent and other members are welcomed to help.   Contact Kris Baker, Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Beach Cleanups:  Kris to make a flyer with dates and locations as determined.  The first beach cleanup will be the A1A Highway on January 22nd.   February 26 cleanup will be 2nd light Beach, Cocoa Beach
  • Waivers for Events:  Deb Richardson, working with Kris on volunteers, has volunteered to complete the chapter waivers for chapter events.

 8:00 General Meeting Adjourned.