SRF Member Appreciation Dinner

 Minutes 12/15/21

Location – Italian American Club of South Brevard

6:30  – 6:50  Surfrider Members mingled and jingled to Will Brandt’s music.

6:50 – Welcome-Alec Buchness

  • Alec thanked members for attending the appreciation dinner party.  He also thanked Italian American Club for hosting the party. 
  • Introductions were made of the prior executive committee:  Vice Chair, Scott Maki; Secretary, Ryan Dadds; Treasurer, Chris Smith; Volunteer Coordinator, Jay Whelan; EC Member at Large, Bo Platt and Roger Ross.  New EC members are Chair, Jay Whelan; Vice Chair, Ryan Dadds; Secretary, Fran Buchness; Treasurer, Chris Smith; Volunteer Coordinator Kris Baker; EC Member at Large, Joanie Regan, Scott Maki, and Randy Gray.  Social Media Coordinator position is new and open for a volunteer.

7:40 Programs and Recap-Alec Buchness – Alec reviewed 2021 programs and activities to include sea oat plantings, Villon Local Only Surf Contest, A1A Trash Clean up, International Surf Day at Cocoa Beach with Special Olympics, Bula Summer Gathering, Beach Bucket Foundation, LID Conference “A Day in the Life of the Lagoon”, Coastal Clean ups, and ending with the Ocean Reef Beach Festival. 

Ongoing activities include monthly beach cleanups, Blue Water Task Force with MRC, Ocean Friendly Gardens, and Ocean Friendly Restaurants.

8:00 Awards for 2021

  • Coastal Defender Awards—Mike Conneen for the continued efforts with the Blue Water Task Force in collecting samples at Goat Creek in the Indian River Lagoon.  Bob Day for his support of beach clean ups and coordinating the “Day in the Life of the Lagoon”.  Kellie Lieneke for being one of the first Ocean Friendly Restaurants and continues to make adjustments meeting OFR criteria.
  • Chairman Award—Randy Gray received the Chairman Award for his dedicated leadership with the successful Ocean Reef Beach Festival.   

9:30  Event Adjourned